Cefalu, Sicily, Italy

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Cefalu, Sicily

Plaza- Piazza del Duomo
Climb up to the Temple of Diana
A highlight of our trip to Sicily was a visit to the 'walled' fishing village of Cefalu, which sits at the base of a mass of rock, on the north coast. We climbed the huge rock via a stone staircase to a 4th century BC 'Temple to Diana'.  Great views. We still talk about the incredible chocolate croissants we had in the lively, friendly town square, Piazza del Duomo, framed at one end by a 12th century church.

Medieval laundromat
Beach in Cefalu
The medieval 'laundromat' must have been handy for the ancient residents of Cefalu. A stream flows just under rock walkways, through the interior of an arched building in the old town, near the sea. Clothes were dipped and washed in the waters below the walkways. Smart.

We stayed in a small, old Cefalu hotel on a narrow street in the old part of town. Kids played ball outside under laundry strung overhead to dry. In the newer part of town there is a popular beach.

Great food and delicious Sicilian wine all made Cefalu one of our all-time favourite travel spots. Cefalu, it's wonderful. For those who like train travel, we traveled by train to Cefalu, from Taormina, Sicily.