Syros, Greece

A Glimpse of Greek Life

On the beautiful Greek island of Syros, in the Cyclades, we enjoyed a glimpse of Greek family life and culture. We stayed in the port town of Ermoupolis, a hub of economic activity in the Cyclades. During the evenings the magnificent town square was full of children racing around, teens hanging out, and adults of all generations visiting and chatting. On Saturday night the town pumped it up with popular Greek bands. Families dined , danced, played and mingled until after dark.

Picturesque neighbourhoods grace the hills that rise from the town square in Ermoupolis. We took a taxi up to one neighbourhood, the quiet medieval Catholic settlement of Ano Syros where, amidst the chalk white houses on tiny, winding alleyways, we found a 13th Century Church, Agios Georgios. We saw splendid views of the town, the port, the sea and surrounding islands on our hike back down to the main square.

Syros has superb cuisine. Many of the narrow streets of Ermoupolis are home to family run restaurants that dish out delicious local specialities. We loved the baked peppers, stuffed with feta cheese, and have tried to re-create the recipe at home. The Greek salads had capers, a tasty addition. The wine was refreshing and was often offered free to repeat customers.

At the Hotel Hermes we had a room with a balcony that directly overlooked the sea. The bright blue sky, the deep blue Aegean and the sound of lapping waves on the pebbles below was breathtaking.  Siros, one of the loveliest Greek islands.

Peppers with feta, just like we had in Syros....