13 Travel Tips

Udaipur, India 
1. In your 'carry-on' take a change of clothes, medications, electronics, money, credit cards, passport, ID, travel documents and your camera. If your checked luggage is lost, you will survive.

    2.   Pack light, travel light. If you must shop for gifts, buy light, small items. In Budapest buy paprika; Thailand, silk scarves. Buy heavier items at the end of the trip. Shopping takes time, money and weighs you down. Resist.

3. Read up before you go to appreciate the cultural experience. Learn at minimum a few words of the local language, such as ‘thanks’ and ‘hello’. 
Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Small plates in Bagan, Myanmar
    4.  As a pedestrian, be aware. Cross streets with the locals. Not every city is pedestrian friendly – some are downright hostile.

    5.  Beware the ‘soft’ scams. Even the most experienced travelers can be fooled. Don’t go with strangers who approach you on the street and don't take their advice. Make your own plans and stick to them.

    6. Use public transportation from the airport. Research this before you go and save cash and time. Singapore, Athens, Rome, London, Amsterdam, Paris  all have fast public transit from the airport. Sometimes your hotel can arrange for a pick up at the airport. This may be the best option in cities like Delhi or Hanoi. Ask your hotel for a good  local travel agent for day trips, too. Generally, they won’t steer you wrong.

    7.  Enjoy great food  as you travel, but use common sense.  Creamy foods should be cold, hot foods should be hot, not lukewarm. Take medications to combat diarrhea, constipation and vomiting.  

Shopping in Udaipur, India

 8. Arrive early. Check departure times and departure locations. Where is the train station or bus depot? Leave enough time. 

    9.   Buy a good guide book. E-readers are fine for reading indoors, but not great as 'on the street' travel guides. They are hard to read in daylight and difficult to flip through when on the street. 

       10. In the tropics, stay cool. Get a room with air conditioning. You will need it to get a good sleep. Mosquitoes? Tuck the mosquito net under the mattress really well! Cover up and wear bug repellent. 

View from the hotel room in Delhi.
11. Resist riding on motorcycles or mopeds. We have encountered MANY injured travelers. Thinking of deep sea diving, or para-sailing? Safety is not always a priority on the tourist beach.   CAUTION!  Is the equipment truly safe, is the training excellent, is the company reputable, are you insured for injury?
    12.  Buy medical travel insurance.You think you are healthy and nothing will happen to you? Maybe not, but maybe so. Get your shots before you travel, too.

   13.  Keep your valuables secure on your person. Zip them up.