3 Weeks in Sri Lanka

Hints for Travel in Sri Lanka (from November-December 2017).

Take the train! When we could, we took the train. So much fun! Reasonably priced with frequent departures. Windows open, and there is sometimes an observation car at the very back where passengers can gaze out at the tracks. The train takes you through beautiful countryside.

When our journey took us to places without train connections, we hired a car with a driver. The main roads and highways are newly paved and very good. We  talked at length with the drivers and learned about the people and politics of Sri Lanka, so this was well worth it.  We asked the hotel staff to arrange for the car and driver.  This always worked out.

We also had the hotel arrange for tuk tuk tours in Colombo and in the ancient Buddhist kingdoms. We asked for a driver/tour guide and enjoyed chatting with the guide.

The people of Sri Lanka are extremely friendly, interested and interesting, and willing to talk with tourists. Many speak English. We had the opportunity to talk at length with many people and this gave us insight.

Western food is readily available, however, we preferred the tremendous variety of curries with rice.  Dal (lentil) is served at every meal, including breakfast. We enjoyed the 'hoppers' - egg hoppers and string hoppers - a delicious breakfast food. Fresh fruit - lots of it-  is always served. What a pleasure to have so much fresh fruit - banana, pineapple, passion fruit, mango. The Sri Lankan diet is healthy, fresh and delicious. The Dal is easy to digest and we had no problems anywhere with food.

Mosquitoes carry disease, and Sri Lanka has dengue. Take protective clothing and bug spray with Deet, and monitor the danger before you go. We took bug spray with Deet, and noticed it was not readily available in Sri Lanka.