Bangkok, Thailand, Thai Buddhas

On the river boat

Outside the Grand Palace

Beloved Buddhas

To get to the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, we travelled by river boat down the Chao Phraya River to the Ko Ratanakosin area. These large grounds are home to the Grand Palace, Wat Phra Kaew, where the Emerald Buddha sits, and Wat Pho, the home of the Reclining Buddha statue, as well as numerous fine Thai paintings, sculptures and historic architecture.

The Emerald Buddha is perhaps the most revered buddha statue in Thailand. ‘Emerald’ refers to the colour, and it is most likely carved of jade or jasper. The Emerald Buddha is 2 feet high and sits atop a large gold alter. We were not allowed to take pictures. Visitors sat quietly on the floor, careful not to point toes at the Emerald Buddha. The Thai Buddha was dressed in summer costume, jewels and crown.

The Reclining Buddha

Not too far away in Wat Pho is the majestic Reclining Buddha. At 46 metres long, it is the largest reclining Buddha known. It is covered in gold plate, with mother of pearl inlays, and is surrounded by other important Buddhist carvings and images. The Reclining Buddha depicts Buddha about to enter Nirvana. Like the Emerald Buddha, it is astonishingly beautiful.

                                                 Around the Reclining Buddha

The Buddhas are located on large sacred and royal grounds with stunning, colourful Thai mosaics, murals, many other Buddha statues and images, decorated spires, stuppas and buddha temples.

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