Montmartre, Paris

                           Sunday Morning in Montmartre

There is always, always something to do in Paris. The city is lovely and beloved, for good reason. Art and architecture, museums and  history…the food and wine! Paris has it all, and although it's 'expensive', many pleasures of Paris are free, you need only head outside and start walking. On every visit to Paris (well, both of them) we walk and walk, with long rests at outdoor cafés, for wine and cheese. We sit and watch Paris go by. 

Montmartre is the perfect place in Paris for a stroll.  We ventured up the hill on a Sunday morning in springtime. The busier streets of Montmartre are lined with flower shops, fruit stands and bakeries. From the sidewalk cafes, the smells of fresh croissants and morning coffees linger. We headed up to the Basilique Sacre Coeur, climbing through neighbourhoods where city kids played street ball in the quieter quarters.

At the top of the hill, Butte du Montmartre, in the historic church courtyard, street performers were entertaining festive tourists. We walked the treed perimeter to catch long views of Paris. Around the church, narrow village roads were crowded with people. A Napoleonic-dressed military troop, with young drummers out front, marched by. History is alive in Paris. The city is full of such surprises!

View from Sacre Coeur. See the Eiffel Tower?
An hour or so later, we descended to the lively streets of Montmartre. A jazz band had set up in the tiny square outside the Metro and everyone shared in the beat. Celebrate. The sun is shining, people are happy. The world, with all its woes, is still out there, but in Montmartre on a Sunday morning in May, you cannot escape the festivity. Just relax and enjoy.

Enjoy this beautiful music from Amelie, a movie set in Montmartre....