10 Tips to Pack Light: Clothing. Travel Light!

1.Take clothes you can wash in the sink and that will dry overnight. Take laundry detergent in a small plastic jar. Use soap sparingly and wring wet clothes almost dry.

2.Pack no clothes that need ironing. Roll them up and pack them tightly to reduce wrinkles and volume.

3.Take clothes that are lightweight, compact and easy care.

4.If your clothes ‘go together’ you won't need as many. Are they appropriate for your destination?

5.Pack clothes that you can layer together for additional warmth. Rely upon the cumulative warmth of your clothing. The shirt over the T-shirt, under the fleecy, under the Gortex.

6. Only take garments that you really like, have worn before, are extremely comfortable and durable. Test everything before the trip.

7. Are your clothes comfortable for the climate? Research this. Temperature, precipitation, humidity?

8.Pack clothes with zip pockets and deep pockets. Keep money, passports and credit cards safe. Front zip pockets on shirts are preferable. A purse can be grabbed.

9. Make a clothing packing list. Review. Do you really need all those clothes? Try fitting them into your bag. Perhaps you will want to buy some clothes at your destination. If so, take fewer clothes.

10. Do you need clean clothes every day? Most likely not. Take the same amount of clothes for seven weeks as you think you will need for one week, no more. Count on doing laundry. Pack all the clothes you think you need and then take 1/3 out. Can you make do?

More ideas: -Many hotels lend umbrellas to guests. Cities in Asia have inexpensive plastic rain ponchos for sale.
                   -In really hot places, sandals may be all you need.
                   -Air conditioning can be cold and temperatures on planes can fluctuate. Prepare.
                   -Check with your lodging before you go for things like beach towels, shampoo, laundry service and laundry fees.
                  -Just take enough face cream, etc. to last the trip. Label small plastic containers with your necessary products.
                  -Many places also have hair dryers in the room. Don't pack one.
                  -Pack a small flashlight for power outages
                  -Consider a compact camera instead of big photography gear
                  -Take a light-weight bag, with wheels.
                  -take few books, buy books as you go, bring an e-reader, leave books behind as you go.