Melaka, Malaysia UNESCO World Heritage

The Groom

On the streets of Melaka, Malaysia, some of my favourite photos were of the people we came upon. I snapped all of these shots on a Sunday afternoon. On a quiet street we encountered a groom (above), preparing to be married. What a lovely moment.

Dancing Tourist Police draw a crowd 
The city of Melaka is only 4 hours away from Singapore by express bus, so if you are in Singapore, consider a few days in Melaka. It is a holiday destination for Singaporeans, who appreciate the cheaper prices of Malaysia.  

Melaka, once an important trading port, is also a UNESCO World Heritage site and has historical, multi-cultural attractions.  We were content to walk around and view temples and mosques, and the unique architecture of Melaka. There were antique shops galore and numerous stores for tourists to buy inexpensive gifts to take home.

Hereen House
Photo with a big snake in the town square
We stayed for 2 nights at the Heeren House, which is ideally located to view the old city on foot. The excellent and reasonably priced cuisine of Melaka reflects its' rich cultural heritage: Chinese, Islamic, Indian, and European. We enjoyed sitting outdoors at the Geographer Cafe, and later dined on the fabulous Melakan Portuguese dishes at the Eleven Bistro, just up the street.  

Walk along the river

Making a New Year's video

Small temple
Shopping in a historic setting